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AkzoNobel and SOS Children’s Villages

AkzoNobel and SOS Children’s Villages partner to fight youth unemployment with the power of paint

AkzoNobel and SOS Children’s Villages joined forces to use education and renovation to drive a positive impact on youth unemployment. The partnership aims to reach the young people of SOS Children’s Villages with AkzoNobel’s “Let’s Colour” program and professional training through AkzoNobel’s painter academies around the world. The partnership kicked off with four countries in 2017: Brazil, Nigeria and Indonesia and South Africa and will broaden in 2018 to include Argentina, Belgium, China, Pakistan, Russia and India.

We are delighted to announce the commitment to the six new countries in 2018, with AkzoNobel as our international corporate partner. Working together this year has reinforced our belief that a collaborative approach actively contributes to the employability of young people coming from a difficult background. Together with a partner like AkzoNobel – who have the color expertise, professional skills and training programs needed to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring – we are committed to helping young people prepare for the job market and lead independent lives (Kei Heikkilä, Head of International Corporate Partnerships at SOS Children’s Villages).

As well as offering training through the company’s painter academies, the initiative also includes renovating the living spaces of SOS Children’s Villages program participants, together with AkzoNobel volunteers.


By the end of 2017, almost 100 young people will have been through our training programs and workshops in the four countries we first announced as part of the partnership. 150 volunteers from AkzoNobel have also participated, which makes me very proud and is exactly the kind of positive experience that we want to repeat in the next six countries (Ruud Joosten, COO AkzoNobel).

Follow and engage with the AkzoNobel – SOS Children’s Villages initiatives around the world: #LetsColour #YouthCan

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Lead Organisation

Netherlands (Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Belgium, China, Pakistan, Russia, India)

Lead business line
Decorative Paints Marketing


Totaal budget

Strategic Partners
AkzoNobel & SOS Children’s Villages International

Impact on primary SDG

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Start date
maart 2017
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Targeted Beneficiaries
Number Beneficiaries
Almost 100 youth trained end of 2017, 2018 figures to be confirmed.
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Mirjam Veenhof
Media relations