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Redesigning everyday products from scratch

DSM-Niaga is a joint venture of DSM and Niaga and consists of a group of redesigners, outsmarting complex combinations of toxic and non-recyclable ingredients in everyday stuff. They share a non-negotiable product design philosophy, to make products healthier and fully recyclable. Niaga® does not compromise on performance, even if it takes a radical change in manufacturing and business model.

The first product launched by DSM-Niaga is carpet. DSM-Niaga enables the manufacturing of carpets that can be recycled back into carpets. Therewith the innovation contributes to SDG 12 (‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns’). Moreover, by developing a healthy carpet without harmful substances, DSM-Niaga contributes to SDG 3 (‘Good health and well-being).

DSM-Niaga also contributes to SDG 17 (Partnerships for the goals). DSM-Niaga itself is a joint venture between a multinational and an SME. Recently, DSM-Niaga and Royal Auping announced to start a long-term collaboration to develop fully recyclable mattresses. The mutual goal of the collaboration is to tackle landfill and incineration of mattresses globally and use healthy materials in mattresses.
DSM-Niaga will also collaborate with ECOR. This collaboration will focus on developing fully recyclable and healthier alternatives for particleboard, MDF and other panel materials which can be used in industries such as building & construction, furniture, interior decoration and displays.


For the carpet innovation, two commercial scale manufacturing lines are installed, one in the US and one in Europe. Both are able to produce over 10 million m2 a year. The energy reduction of 90%, water savings of 100% or around 0.7 liters per m2 of carpet, and the potential waste reduction are big for the carpet industry. R&D in new product categories like mattresses and furniture are still to be commercialized.

Lessons learned

The simpler the material set, the easier the recycling. Moreover, when recycling has no business case, the actual recycling will not be picked up by local businesses.

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Lead Organisation

The Netherlands

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DSM Resins & Functional Materials


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Strategic Partners
DSM, Niaga, Auping, ECOR

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Start date
juni 2014

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Lukas Hoex
Manager Strategic Growth