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Africa Improved Foods

Improving nutrition in Africa with affordable, high quality and locally sourced foods.

Africa Improved Foods’ (AIF) objective is to prevent malnutrition in East Africa by improving access to nutritious complementary foods. In its state of the art factory in Rwanda, AIF produces variations of fortified Corn Soy Blends for the World Food Programme (WFP), Government of Rwanda (GoR) and commercial market. All products aim to improve nutrition during the “First 1000 Days” of a child’s life starting from the first day of pregnancy to 2 years of age. Research shows that the right nutrition during this period greatly improves health and brain development allowing for healthier and more prosperous futures.

To improve nutrition during the First 1000 Days, AIF offers both maternal and infant products. AIF’s maternal products target nutrition from the first day of pregnancy up to 6 months of breastfeeding. The infant products target nutrition from 6 months of breastfeeding onwards.

The SuperCereal Plus that AIF produces for WFP is distributed to infants in refugee camps across East Africa and beyond. In Rwanda, AIF works together with the Ministry of Health and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to give all impoverished mothers and infants free access to Shisha Kibondo – a nutritious complementary cereal designed specifically to prevent stunting in Rwanda. The commercial Nootri products are a range of high-quality yet affordable cereals that provide all East African consumers with improved access to nutritious complementary foods.

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Lead Organisation


Lead business line
DSM Nutrition

Joint Venture

Totaal budget
USD 60 million

Strategic Partners
IFC, CDC FMO, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Government of Rwanda

Impact on primary SDG

Impact on other SDGs

Start date
december 2016

Targeted Beneficiaries
Number Beneficiaries
1 million
Point of contact
Tom Swinkels
Partnerships & New Business Manager