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Dairy Development Programme

Providing resilient and sustainable livelihoods for dairy farmers

In its Dairy Development Programme FrieslandCampina (since 1996) focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise concerning the sector by means of training, knowledge partnerships and initiating and supporting projects aimed at improving the dairy farming infrastructure in particular in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Russia, Romania and Nigeria.

Through the Dairy Development Programme local dairy farmers (mainly small farmers) are supported in improving the quality of the milk, increasing the productivity per cow and marketing the milk. In total about 100,000 smallholders and other dairy farmers have been supported and trained, also through partnerships with organisations such as Agriterra.


Through the program we supported and trained approximately 100,000 smallholders and other dairy farmers (outside the FC cooperative) in Africa, Asia. In its Dairy Development Programme about 40,000 farmers are involved.


Combining our strengths with Agriterra  is helping to bring about positive growth in the local dairy sector, especially where quality and productivity are concerned. The Farmer2Farmer programme and Agripool enable FrieslandCampina employees and member dairy farmers to share knowledge with farmers and cooperatives in Asia and Africa, helping them to make real progress, which is why we are energetically embarking on a new period of ongoing collaboration”, said FrieslandCampina CEO Roelof Joosten.


Lessons Learned

Dairy development is an important enabler to do our business in various countries. The first responsibility and the main driver for dairy development is always the FrieslandCampina country organization. The role of the global dairy development team is to drive a number of joint activities, to optimize and coordinate the use of shared resources and to ensure the right exposure and impact on a global level.

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Asia and Africa

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Operations and staff


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Strategic Partners
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Wageningen University & Research, The Friesian, Agriterra

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Start date
januari 2000
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januari 2026

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100,000 plus relatives
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Corporate Communications department
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