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Solar Energy Programme

Solar power for dairy processing at FrieslandCampina

The FrieslandCampina Solar programme aims at accelerating the installation of solar panels at dairy farms. In 2017, through a SDE subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, FrieslandCampina was able to install solar panels at the roofs of 310 of its member dairy farms. In 2018, the number of dairy farmers participating in the Solar programme will increase to 654. This brings the total number of solar panels used by farmers to over 800.000, the size of about 200 football fields. These solar panels together generate over 200 GWh of energy per year, covering 40% of FrieslandCampina's energy demand for its production locations and offices. 

The ambition of FrieslandCampina is to fully cover the use of electricity within the chain with green electricity generated at the farm yards. We are enthusiastic about the progress we have made so far with solar panels on shed roofs and therefore we want to accelerate this process in 2018 and double the number of solar panels. We are making investments now in order to be able to work circularly in the future. This is perfectly in line with our objective to reward our member dairy farmers for their commitment to sustainability.

Hein Schumacher - CEO FrieslandCampina

A major result of the Solar programme is the ‘roof rent solution’ developed in cooperation with GroenLeven, based in Heerenveen. The ‘roof rent solution’ focuses on dairy farms with a roof surface of over 1,000 m2 (FrieslandCampina tries to find solutions for roof surfaces smaller than 1,000 m2 as well). GroenLeven installs a solar system on the roof of the dairy farm and takes care of its connection, monitoring, financing, guarantees and maintenance. The dairy farmer receives an annual premium of 3 to 4 euro per panel for making their roof available and can use the green electricity without having to invest in solar panels himself. An average dairy farm roof (usually the sheds) offers room for more than enough solar panels to compensate for the full electricity demand of the farm. Apart from using the electricity at the dairy farm, part of the solar energy will go to FrieslandCampina plants and offices in the Netherlands in order to meet their electricity demand. Each year, the dairy farmer is offered the choice to take over the installation and the accompanying SDE subsidy.

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