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Taking steps towards a 'green corridor'

We are innovating a low carbon transport route with our partners in the Netherlands.

As part of our commitment to reduce emissions, we are working to make transportation of goods cleaner and more efficient. We are planning for all current trucks to run on renewable fuels while we develop long-term methods of electrical or carbon-neutral transport. The Alpherium, our inland shipping terminal where products are first loaded onto ships, will run on sustainable energy. Here, we will provide the infrastructure to enable ships to run on renewable fuels. We will use existing ships that run partly on renewable fuel sources and we will invest in new ships with fully electrical propulsion systems.


The reduction of emissions: Once the green corridor is created; a carbon neutral, economically sustainable solution that can be used by many different transporters and shippers and that can be applied to other routes.

Lessons learned

The project involves a complex programme of research, innovation and possibly new legislation to succeed, supported by cooperation between government, business and research institutes. This requires a new level of cooperation with companies that import goods, supported by a new carbon neutral distribution centre next to the Alpherium.

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Some 20 partners have united behind the ambition of making it carbon neutral. Right now we are running a “supplier collaboration programme” with Alpherium.

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juni 2017
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Josephine Bertrams
Corporate & Sustainability Comm. Manager, Global Communications