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Transitioning towards a circular economy

As part of its ambition to be the leader in sustainability by 2020, Heineken Mexico is taking actions to transition towards the circular economy.

The circular economy aims to reduce this over-consumption by looking beyond the "take, make and dispose” model to redefine products and services, design out waste and minimise negative impacts. It’s a new business model that Heineken Mexico has publicly pledged to transition towards, and achieving it will require a combination of investment, engagement and creativity.

I am proud of how we have successfully upheld Gerard A. Heineken's 150-year-old legacy of responsible and positive business. I am convinced that a transition toward a circular economy will help our business to thrive in the long term.
(Dolf van den Brink, CEO, CM-HEINEKEN Mexico)


The “Think Circular” campaign has capitalised a range of projects – from symbolic, educational projects such the introduction of Zero Waste Zones to more substantive, high impact projects like upgrading an industrial air conditioning system to avoid 85,000 kWh and save MXN1.6 million every month.

The Circular Intrapreneur Challenge has also brought about important process redesigns including a move to reprocess end-of-life employee garments by engaging the uniform supplier to create new garments of equivalent durability and resistance. It saves 3,500 litres of water and 32 kilograms of CO2 per garment, which adds up to a lot when you consider that Heineken Mexico buys some 162,000 garments every year.

Lessons learned

Taking a holistic approach which includes many steps is a process:

  • A three-year plan to fully integrate the circular economy into the business;

  • Beginning with a thorough self-assessment using our ReSOLVE Circular Economy Self-Assessment tool, which has been developed to gain a better baseline understanding of how closely current operations align with the circular economy;

  • Our new brewery in Meoqui is designed based on circular practices, including recycling wastewater to be used in non-product applications, reusing brewer's grain as cattle feed and recovering waste heat from the neighbouring glass factory to be used in the brewing process;

  • We were the first business in Mexico to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s innovation programme. Together, we have created an e-Learning tool which will be completed by over 2000 employees, building their understanding of the circular economy to inspire innovative ideas

  • A branded campaign, “Think Circular” is also helping to spread the message and engage employees. It includes a Circular Intrapreneur Challenge which aims to inspire young sustainability leaders to identify high impact projects that align with circular economy and the goals of the company.

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