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Improving access to safe drinking water in Vietnam

HEINEKEN Vietnam is working with its partners to improve safe water supply for communities vulnerable to climate change.

The project inaugurated a new water pipeline system that will supply clean water to 195 households in the Tân Phú Commune in Vietnam’s Tiền Giang Province. In 2016, the regions of southern and central Vietnam were hit by the worst drought in recent history, with 1.5 million people facing an acute shortage of drinking water.

This is a very important project as it meets the urgent need of clean water and improved living condition of our people. It will help us to overcome climate-change challenges, which have negatively influenced locals’ lives and will contribute to the local social economic development. (Phạm Anh Tuấn, Vice Chairman of Tiền Giang Province People’s Committee)


With a total fund of VNĐ10 billion, the investment forms part of HEINEKEN Vietnam’s “1 minute less for million smiles” programme, which aims to raise public awareness on saving and protecting the water resource as well as providing access to clean water for communities at risk.

Lessons learned

The existing water supply system meets just approximately 30 per cent of the daily need of the locals, and the impacts of climate change will only add to the challenge.

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EUR Water Supply Station - (US$43,500)

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HEINEKEN Vietnam - in collaboration with the People’s Committee of southern Tiền Giang Province.

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september 2017
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Josephine Bertrams
Corporate & Sustainability Comm. Manager, Global Communications