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CREATE Ethiopia

Stimulating a sustainable and resilient local barley supply chain.

The aim of the CREATE project in Ethiopia is to help farmers increase their malt barley yields by providing them with top quality seeds, agronomic training, improved access to finance and other inputs and links to reliable markets to sell their crop. Focused on making the barley farming system in Ethiopia more robust and resilient, for example, by demonstrating marketable rotation crops and using organic fertiliser, in the form of bio-sludge supplied by the brewery.

HEINEKEN has led the way in demonstrating what successful Public Private Partnerships can look like. Their commitment to honouring purchase and price agreements, even if it sometimes means paying a higher price for locally sourced commodities, is something that not all our partners can claim to replicate. (Niels Hanssens, Deputy Executive Director of NGO, EUCORD)


By the end of 2017, we had reached more than 20,000 smallholder farmers. In the 2016 – 2017 growing season, the project stimulated over 80,000 tonnes of new barley production. Around 50% was sold to the brewing industry and the rest was sold on the local food market, making a much greater contribution to food security than originally expected.

Lessons learned

As the project develops, we are learning from our experiences. We see that it takes time to persuade farmers to change practices they have adopted over generations, so ongoing training and coaching is crucial for securing improved productivity in the long-term.

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Supply chain


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Strategic Partners
In partnership with the Dutch government, NGO EUCORD, the Ethiopian governments Agricultural Transformation Agency (and other local partners).

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Start date
januari 2013
End date
januari 2017

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Josephine Bertrams
Corporate & Sustainability Comm. Manager, Global Communications