Global business community calls for action

‘Governments should take bold actions when it comes to the issue of climate change.’ DSGC supports this call to action of over forty CEOs of large global companies that was published today in a full-page ad in the Financial Times. The UN Climate Summit will be held in Paris in December. This will be the platform for government leaders to take concrete steps towards a low-carbon economy.

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December of this year, leaders will negotiate a new international climate agreement. The objective is to ensure that the earth’s average temperature will not increase by more than two degrees Celsius. In an open letter, the 43 CEOs of large global companies urge world leaders to prioritize the climate change issue. They advocate measures that should lead to a low-carbon economy. ‘An ambitious climate deal in Paris is key to accelerating this transition. This opportunity should not be missed,’ according to the CEOs.

Commitment of multinational corporations
The 43 CEOs expressed individual commitment to reducing both CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of their companies. In addition, they plan to reduce power consumption in their companies as well as in the chains in which they operate, through collaboration with other companies. 
Furthermore, they argue in favour of reduction of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases on a global scale. These captains of industry consider international carbon pricing an important tool to encourage low-carbon investments.

‘Postponing measures is not an option’
An important aspect of the vision of the CEOs is that a swift transition to a low-carbon economy will benefit both economic growth and employment, and should, therefore, be embraced. ‘Postponing measures is not an option. However, it will cost a lot of money and compromise growth prospects for the coming years.’ Nevertheless, the CEO climate leaders call on global leaders and policymakers to reach agreement on general measures, to be consistent in their policymaking, and to be helpful when it comes to developing innovation frameworks.

43 ambassadors for ‘climate action’
The 43 CEOs volunteer to serve as ambassadors for ‘climate action’. Among them are Dutch CEOs of Dutch multinational corporations, including Ton Büchner (AkzoNobel), Ralph Hamers (ING Group), Eric Rondolat (Philips Lighting), Feike Sijbesma (Royal DSM), Frans van Houten (Royal Philips), and Paul Polman (Unilever).