Choose for climate action!

In the run-up to the Dutch elections in March, Frans van Houten (Philips), Feike Sijbesma (DSM), Paul Polman (Unilever) and Hans de Boer (VNO-NCW), members of DSGC, have joined in the campaign ‘Choose for climate action’.

The campaign expresses a call to action and stresses the fact that climate change concerns us all. 
CEO’s of large and small businesses, farmers, politicians and others leaders are very worried and all work on solutions within their sectors. They all share the same conviction that climate change affects all of us and thus requires urgent action from all of us. 

"We may have different opinions about the exact pace and pathway towards a carbon-free economy, we all are very concerned about climate change. This concern is not related to any particular political colour; to a left or right wing party. We want to show that we all have the will to take action and to turn the tide. That is why we have made these posters. The statement on the poster is the responsibility of the individual or organization itself and does not need to be the choice of the other participants."

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