Action is needed for climate change

Today, 7 February 2019, Dutch students demonstrate for Climate Action, a SDG that gets warm support of the DSGC. Climate change is a global topic and action is needed at a global, national and sub-national level.

Business leaders should accelerate climate action within their own sectors and value chains and transparently report on progress made in reducing harmful emissions.
Therefore, many DSGC CEOs are engaged in international and national platforms, like CLPC and WEF Climate Leaders Group.  
The DSGC members are all committed to achieving the Paris Agreement and implement companywide climate strategies to futureproof their companies into low and ultimately zero carbon operations. The coalition acknowledges that a meaningful international price on carbon (minimal 35 euro and gradually increasing up to 100 euro p/tonne) will be imperative. 

DSGC companies have committed to implement the following internal climate measures over the next years:
1. companywide science-based target setting (SBT), 
2. transparent disclosure of climate risks, according the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial disclosures, 
3. CO2 reduction targets for 2030 and 2050, 
4. Implementing an internal meaningful reference price on carbon. 
The Netherlands voluntarily engages in the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme (CORSIA) for international airlines, in which KLM is involved in one of the expert groups. 
DSGC supports the Dutch Cabinet to continue the call for a higher CO2 reduction target (55% 2030 - EU wide) and to show leadership in international advocacy on a range of topics, such as an nternationally effective carbon pricing mechanism.