Strongly together in the corona crisis

Since Prime Minister Rutte announced the first precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, Dutch society has shown solidarity and everyone is fully committed to take care of sick and vulnerable citizens. The government and the business community are also working closely together to limit the economic damage, so that people can retain their work and income. The members of the DSGC also focus on solving problems related to the Covid-19 crisis. This focus, combined with the precautionary measures taken by the government, means that the external activities of the coalition will be postponed. An internal review will be conducted in the coming period to see whether the connections within the coalition can help to support the chosen approach to tackle the crisis.

Jan Peter Balkenende, chairman of DSGC: "The crisis The Netherlands now finds itself in is unprecedented. I have experienced several crises in the period when I was Prime Minister, but this crisis is far-reaching and even more serious. I have great respect for the way in which the cabinet is tackling the crisis. I am also impressed by the decisiveness and solidarity shown by the Dutch citizens. We can proud that we are Dutch. People are there for each other, especially in the health care sector. Meanwhile, the economy is being hit hard. Fortunately, the government has the resources for a large support package and entrepreneurs are showing resilience by coming up with creative solutions.

The members of the DSGC have rapidly developed a Corona policy for their companies. On their websites you can find their activities and precautions. The information can help entrepreneurs who are still looking for the right measures in their business. I wish everyone a lot of strength for the coming period. We should not hug each other, but let's do that imaginatively. Together we can weather the crisis."

In the World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid, an organization of former heads of government, Jan Peter Balkenende gave the following comments on the Coronacrisis:

1. Responses to Covid-19 crisis are now predominantly coming from nation states. Understandable, but not enough. A stronger role of UN, EU, G20 etc is needed. But we also need new alliances of governments, businesses, NGOs and knowledge centres. Public-private cooperation is necessary, internationally, nationally, regionally, locally.

2. Covid-19 clearly demonstrates we are living in one world, we are dependent on each other and global strategies are required. We are facing a huge crisis with far reaching consequences. We need a global agenda of hope and trust. The Sustainable Development Goals give a lot of inspiration in that respect. At the same moment we need action. Think global, act local.

3. The Covid-19 crisis has a horrifying effect on socio-economic and financial developments. In these circumstances there is even more need to attack inequality, to fight poverty, to battle unemployment. We need serving leadership and an economic order that really serves society. It is time to work on an inclusive and sustainable future, on moral and stakeholder capitalism and on sustainable growth business models. It is time to act.