Time to Act: PACE has launched its Circular Economy Action Agendas

“Game changing innovations and policies are urgently needed to turn the tide, which can be realised through a joint approach from business, governments, knowledge institutes and civil society", said DSGC chairman Jan Peter Balkenende in the PACE Circular Economy Action Agendas that were launched February 4.

The Action Agendas illuminate how we can pivot away from the linear economic system and transition towards circularity. The online launching event was introduced by Royal Philips CEO Frans van Houten. Van Houten pointed out that ‘transitioning to a circular economy requires all of us to team up and commit to doing things fundamentally differently’ and called on all leaders in public and private sectors to join PACE. 

DSGC endorses the work of PACE and collaborated on putting one of the agenda’s, ‘Plastics’, together. In the Agenda, DSGC chairman Jan Peter Balkenende argues the responsibility of companies towards society to help solve the major issues of our time. 

More information on the agendas can be found here: https://pacecircular.org/node/247