CEOs and ministers strengthen cooperation

Every year, representatives of the DSGC and the Dutch Cabinet discuss how they can best work together to move toward a climate neutral, circular and inclusive Netherlands. This year, the meeting took place at the Catshuis.

DSGC podcast 'Accessibility': Still a world to conquer

In the second DSGC podcast on the extent to which companies are accessible to people with an occupational disability, experts from ING Bank, Accenture, Breedweer and Defense give their vision on the desired company policy. It is not just about wide doors or special supports in the toilet, but especially about how managers and colleagues deal with the limitations of others.

First DSGC podcast: Large-scale collaboration on hydrogen development

Development Goals 7 Clean Energy and 13 Climate Action are the focus of the first DSGC podcast led by Glenn van der Burg. Prior to each podcast, an Expert Session takes place with expert staff from the DSGC companies on collaboration, barriers and opportunities. In this podcast Brekelmans and Castelein talk about their challenge: bringing the short and long-term interests of all stakeholders together.

DSGC urges Ursula von der Leyden to implement EU climate policy

Ahead of the publication of the REPowerEU Plan, over 140 CEOs and business leaders wrote a joint letter to the European Commission President, von der Leyen, to show their support for structural and just solutions that can deliver the green transition.