First DSGC podcast: Large-scale collaboration on hydrogen development

Although none of them drives a hydrogen car yet, they are convinced that hydrogen will become one of the most important energy sources of the future. Harry Brekelmans, projects & technology director at Shell and Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam are investing in a Hydrogen-project, whereby the largest green hydrogen factory in Europe will be built on the Second Maasvlakte. Coby van der Linde, director of The Clingendael International Energy Program and professor of Geopolitics and Energy at the University of Groningen, emphasizes the importance of such a project for the energy transition. “Building a new value chain is very expensive. By first developing large volumes for industry, small applications, such as in homes or cars, are more likely to come along.”

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch, 45 min.)

Development Goals 7 Clean Energy and 13 Climate Action are the focus of the first DSGC podcast led by Glenn van der Burg. Prior to each podcast, an Expert Session takes place with expert staff from the DSGC companies on collaboration, barriers and opportunities. In this podcast Brekelmans and Castelein talk about their challenge: bringing the short and long-term interests of all stakeholders together. Castelein: “If you have a common vision for the future, commercial interests will help you.”

The three studio guests are calling on SMEs to participate in the Hydrogen project. Brekelmans: “There are many opportunities to join in, especially for smaller companies.”