Sustainably Forward: Recommendations of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition for the new Dutch Cabinet

The DSGC has sent a letter with recommendations to informateurs Elbert Dijkgraaf and Richard van Zwol to ensure a green industrial policy in the new cabinet plans. This is crucial for a resilient and sustainable future in the Netherlands and Europe.


In the letter, the DSGC calls for a green industrial policy consisting of:

1. a predictable energy and climate policy.

2. substantial investments in moving towards a circular economy.

3. an effective introduction of European legislation for corporate reporting on sustainability and social issues (known by the abbreviations CSRD and CSDD).


The DSGC emphasizes the need for the new government to consistently lead the progress of the climate transition and the transition to a circular economy in the Netherlands in the coming years. Above all, this means not reversing, but rather pursuing policies and legislation that make these transitions possible. In addition, it is essential to further stimulate demand for sustainable solutions.

"As international companies with a significant presence in the Netherlands, we are ready to cooperate with the new cabinet and actively contribute to the realization of all aspects of inclusive, social and sustainable growth."

The DSGC is convinced that public-private cooperation in the areas of climate, circularity and the implementation of laws and regulations is at the root of the much-needed sustainability of our economy.


Click here for the opinion piece in the Volkskrant (Dutch only).